Need new phones, please help...
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Jun 24, 2009
Hi everyone,

first of all this is a great forum with lots of useful info. Thank you all in advance for the help.
I have a Sony NWZ-728 walkman and my original phones broke (cord issue, I guess it's a regular wear and tear, lasted for about 8 months). They were sony EX-85. I loved them, I think they were amazing for the type of music I am listening, which is trance... Now I have a dilemma? Do I want to buy a new set of EX-85's again? ($30). Should I upgrade to EX-90? ($60). What other choices would you suggest? (alternative I think is UE superFi 5 EB but not sure if it will be a good fit for me, since i ride motorcycle a lot and I use small fit earbud on EX-85?) I don't want to spend more than $200 though...
Thank you again.
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Okay, well, if your budget is $200 you could do much better than any of those sonys. Also, what type of sound do you prefer? Some people love bass, others like more balance, some like high detail - do isolation and comfort play a big role for you? These are all questions that will help us suggest phones for you.

Some general suggestions:
For around $200 the Klipsch Image X10s seem to be a great IEM. I cannot speak on their behalf, but you'll find tons of reviews all over the forum.

I use the monster turbines, and I love them. The sound is quite bassy, but the details are also still there (especially so after i EQ'ed them) - The soundstage is pretty decent too. They can be had for about $106 from tech depot.

Another favorite around here are the Phonak PFEs for around $130 (i think?) Somebody else will need to speak of their sound signature.

If we're talking about the $50-$60 range like those other headphones you were considering, I would say the NuForce NE-7M or the Etymotic Er6i. The NE-7M has great sound + bass for the price. The er6i is incredible at isolation, but is much more analytical than the NE-7Ms - it also lacks bass.

You should really do some research for yourself so you know what type of phones you want. Read some full length reviews and choose a few that interest you.
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thank you for your response. I like bass sound, since I listen to trance...isolation and comfort is important, that's why I am not sure of UEsfi5eb...? I am just not sure if I'll find something that is worth spending money and it will be a huge upgrade over sony, since I liked them a lot...
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We're going to need some kind of budget though - is it $60 or $200? If you couldn't tell already, there are endless options in any price range, let alone across multiple price ranges. You should probably read some full-length reviews on the phones you're considering or that you see mentioned around here a lot so you get a better idea of what you're buying.
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Originally Posted by koven /img/forum/go_quote.gif
sounds like the monster turbines will fit you perfectly..

i have just looked up on amazon Klipsch Image X10s an they are $160, so I am not sure... i think 'i have to do some research, like jmt391 suggested...
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I have or had them both. The X10s are more refined IEMs, more comfortable too. Two-year warranty. They do have some microphonics, but a shirt clip and the slider will take care of that. They are nice, and at that price, a very good deal. I sold my Turbines, as I felt the highs were somewhat off, sort of plasticky, for lack of a better term. They are not bad, but just not as refined a phone as the X10s, in my view. Given the choice, I chose the X10s as keepers. I got mine for $175. I don't think they are worth $300+ however, but the better of the two phones.

Durability wise, the X10s have had some issues at the strain relief points, but the newer versions have apparently fixed it. Also, if it happens, they will replace them. Very good customer service at Klipsch.

The Turbines also have had a smattering of cable/strain relief issues, but not bad.

Comfort-wise, there is nothing that can match the X10s in my view.
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Is it important that they fit under your helmet? Q-jays are small, I would see them to be the ideal IEM for going under a helmet, but for the money there are better sounding options, and ones with much more bass. AFAIK the X10 goes pretty far in, doesn't stick out much. Definitely not the SF5EB, the only UE IEM that would work for you is the Super.Fi 5 (not pro). The X10 probably is your best option.
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Hey fellow rider. I honestly don't think the X10 or any IEM will be suitable under a full face helmet. I think you'll be better off with earbuds such as the awesome sounding Yuin PK3 or PK2 and save cash to pay insurance. You'll be safer in the long run, plus I'm pretty sure any IEM will be demolished in no time with the on/off motion of the helmet.
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Oops, I didn't read as well as I should have. Under a helmet? Forget the X10s. Or most IEMs for that matter. The Westone UM2s are very flush, but are $300. You need a flat phone, for sure. Maybe the UE SF 5 v2, or the PK3, as noted. I agree with alphaphoenix. You used the EX85s under your helment? Wow.

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