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Need New headphones

  1. Crazysah
    Hello guys,

    So I left my headphones in the cab on my way back and so I need new headphones.

    The last ones I had were Sennheiser 50. Some 50 model. I don't know which one. Bought like 2-3 years ago. They were really comfortable and were good quality.

    The market has changed and time has progressed. I'm looking to spend around $50-60 max. I'm looking for in-ear headphones. Not the large bulky ones.
    Which ones do you guys recommend? Also, do tell me if they are j-shaped or not.

  2. Smallville
    This thread shows you IEMs in your price range and compares them all. From there, you can pick an earphone with the sound signature that you prefer(bass-heavy, detailed, etc).
  3. Crazysah
    I went through that list but couldn't weed out the good ones. So... any suggestions here?

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