Need New Cans...Help?
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May 10, 2012
Need some new cans which will mainly be used for Springsteen/Eagles/Beatles CDs/DVD over the computer with a Fiio E10 Amp/DAC. I will also be listening to some alternative/punk rock stuff (alkaline trio, bayside, gaslight anthem, etc.) I'm having a hard time being able to test anything but I keep looking at Senn HD650/600/598, Denon AHD600, HiFiMan HE-400, Shure 1440, Beyer DT 880, 990. I've never cared for Grado (had 80i's), but I LOVED the Denon 5000's. I'm also considering a Amp/DAC upgrade (trying to stay under $150 there). Is there anything that maybe offers more portability that the Fiio E10? Everything else about the E10 I like. Also, any other cans I should look into? I didn't like the Grado 80's But I WANT to like Grado lol. would the R2i, 225, 325 have a similar sound signature to to 80's. I found them fatiguing. Just looking for some general thoughts. Any info that would help me narrow my choices down would be greatly appreciated, as I will continue to research these headphones on Head-fi.
Thank you all.

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