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Need more durable custom v-moda boom mic replacement.

  1. MrDowntempo
    I have modded SHP9500S with Mr Speaker's pads and ModHouseAudio cups. I've been using the v-moda Boom Mic which has been nice, but is already starting to wear out in some of the joints. (I use these headphones a lot every day at home and at work. I sometimes travel with them too.) I'd like to have someone who makes custom headphone/IEM cables, repair or remake v-moda boom mic with stronger interconnects/joints and generally more rugged so that it can take some more abuse for being my daily driver.

    Budget - <$200
    Source - I use a PC at home and at work, but I also use my android phone with these headphones. So mostly video and gaming but some music in FLAC or streaming.

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