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Need help

  1. xiSpeedy
    I recently purchased a pair of Shure SE215 since i heard that they were highly recommended. Before i purchased the shures, i was coming from a Klipsch S4i. I honestly think that the sound quality of the klipsch is better than the shures. The 215's sound flat imo. I was wondering if there are any headphones out there that deliver the klipsch quality but better under $150?
  2. ZapX629
    You can find headphones that beat the Klipsch under $25.
    You should probably ask here: http://www.head-fi.org/f/7840/introductions-help-and-recommendations
  3. xiSpeedy
    Do you have any recommendations? I love the highs the s4i had. The shures just sound flat
  4. ZapX629
    You're probably finding them flat because they're a warm phone, where the Klipsch are V-shaped. Right now, my favorites are the Vsonic VSD3S (which people have preferred to the SE215s), and you could get them or the VSD3 if you need more bass(both are around 50 bucks). Vsonic phones have bright highs like you like, but it depends on what kind of music you like and how you like to hear things. There are lots of options out there.
  5. xiSpeedy
    I listen to Rock, Mainly sub genres of metal. Like d-jent or metal core. I also listen to pop punk and EDM here and there. the s4's gave me that depth i needed. To be able to hear every instrument the way they're suppose to be. Not just hear them all at once like they've been recorded on the same levels. If you understand what I'm trying to say here
  6. Music Alchemist

    I don't specialize in low-end headphones (get at me when you're ready to upgrade), but you are the first person I've seen here who knows djent. (Meshuggah!) I am about to post a long list of metal bands I like and perhaps even a playlist featuring most sub-genres. I'll share it with you when it's ready. \m/
  7. ZapX629
    Ah, ok. You're looking for something with good instrument separation then. VSD3S will do what you want and make you happy. I just compared it against the S4 and the soundstage on the VSD3S is a bit smaller, but separation is the same or better, and it's also clearer overall. The highs are nice and shimmery without being piercing like the S4. There is less bass than the S4 but it's much more controlled. I think you'd dig it. Listened to some prog power and melodic death metal and I much prefer the VSD3S for that genre. You could try to get the VSD3 which has more bass, but I don't think it will be that different than the VSD3S. 
    Just my two cents based on what I have here that I can listen to.
  8. Music Alchemist
    Otherwise known as imaging. [​IMG]
    I recently installed Rockbox on my iPod Classic and it vastly improved the imaging, so that's a further tweak you can make if you have a compatible device.
  9. ZapX629
    I always thought imaging was the placement within the soundstage rather than the separation between the instruments. Figured they went hand in hand but were different things. I believe you, but I have a hard time trusting anything Tenma says, so you'll have to forgive me. [​IMG] 
  10. Music Alchemist
    Haha! I'm surprised how many people here know Tenma.
    To quote the glossary, imaging is "The sense that a voice or instrument is in a particular place in the room."
    Unless I'm mistaken, the placement within the soundstage and the separation between instruments equates to the same phenomenon.  If you know where each instrument is, you also know the distance between them. I've never heard of good imaging with bad separation. But perhaps you could say that separation is an aspect of imaging.
  11. ZapX629
    That's a fair point. Six of one, half dozen of another. But yeah, that's what he's looking for, in any case.
    Anyway, speedy, I think the Vsonics would be a nice upgrade over the S4 (and the SE215) for just 50 bucks. You don't have to break the bank if you wanna get better than the S4. Others people like include the Ostry KC06A (the KC06 is more neutral with less bass as I understand it). Never heard it but it's another phone people like in the price range. 
  12. Music Alchemist
    I have no idea what this is referring to. [​IMG] Being able to tell how many instruments are playing due to better imaging? That's my guess.
  13. ZapX629
    Yeah, I'm tired. Was responding to "I've never heard of good imaging with bad separation. But perhaps you could say that separation is an aspect of imaging." "Six of one; half a dozen of another" just means whichever you call it the end goal is the same. 
  14. Music Alchemist
    Ha. I was so confused that I didn't even bother with the numbers to notice that you said half dozen. Blame it on me for not knowing catchy phrases! ...Or Tenma's horrible math skills could be rubbing off on me. I gotta stop hanging out with her. [​IMG]
  15. xiSpeedy
    Ever since visiting this website, ive come into a lot of terms that i never knew about before. Like sound stage, imaging. I know about  treble obviously but whats the importance of it in headphones. just wondering? like is more treble good or bad? Whenever i looked for headphones. i just went by the specs. like impedance, frequency and so on. Clarity, some bass, and imaging are my main things to look for in headphones. It gives you that depth like that sense that you're there at the concert or whatever hahaha

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