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Need Help!

  1. DigitalGrounder
    Which would be a better choice the beyerdynamic dt 880 pro or the sony mdr 1r?
  2. davidsh
    That depends. You ain't gonna get any serious/useful answer from such a post.
  3. matapusi
    You should post what kind of music you listen to majority of the time, source, etc. :wink:  
  4. DangerToast
    This is my attempt to make as short a response as possible:
    mdr 1r for bass, dt 880 for everything else
    but also read some reviews in the head gear section
  5. DigitalGrounder
    Thank you that's all I needed to know.
  6. DigitalGrounder
    I basically listen to all varieties of music
  7. swiftW1nd
    mdr 1r for bass? It has pretty weak bass, and is known for its forward mids and relative balance even though it's on the bright side. 

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