need help with our decide next purchase.
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Dec 25, 2011
I really need help deciding on my next purchase, sony mdr1r bt mk2 or another pair of logitec ue 9000? I would like input from those who owned both. I have owned the ue 9000 twice in the past and sold them trying to upgrade. I love the sound sig of logitec for the electronic, dance, R&B and hip hop I listen to. My only negatives is weight and bulkiness of the ue 9000, battery life could be better I guess, plus it's an older model now no longer made by logitec. I Keep reading nice things about the sony mdr1r bt mk2 but I need to know how they sound compared to the ue 9000. I had the Sony mdr10bt, I didn't like them bass did not go low enough for me. I'm currently playing with the sony MDRXB950BT while they are pretty good especially bass wise, they hit hard but I'm not getting the spaciousness and separation I used to get with the ue9000. There are certain features the sony mk2 has I want like lighter weight, more comfort, and incredible battery life. Since the mk2 have to come from over seas I don't want to buy them and then not like them. I read a reviews somewhere that they are comparable in sound. I hope someone can help, i don't want to keep going back and forth. I wonder if logitec is coming out with a newer ue 9000 replacement.
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Sep 3, 2006
Tyll at Inner Fidelity just did a review of bluetooth headphones. It included the Sony MDR1RBT, but not the Logitech.

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