need help with new headphones

  1. JustAnAverageGamer
    Hello everyone

    Today i got a new pair of headphones ( fidelio x2hr). The sound is great but I can't tell if something explodes nearby or further away. When you are wearing the fidelio x2hr you are supposed to get sounds around you, that is not what I get. The sound is more in my head like a closed back headphone. The headphones also don't leak that much sound. Maybe my audio settings are the problem? I will place a link to what they are now. I only have realtek audio driver.

    realtek audio settings:

    I can only pick 5.1 speakers, why?

    sound settings windows
    picture 1
    picture 2
    picture 3

    If you need help with translation ask me. I really really need a solution. Otherwise I need to bring them back.

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