Need help with IEM and DAP
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Dec 6, 2014
A friend of mine is venturing into the audiophile world and he's looking for an IEM and a DAP. Here's some things to consider:
- He wants a balanced sound
- Bugdet for both are arround 250€ but he's willing to go higher if it's worth it.
- He's gonna use it at home, outdoors and also for workout (lifting weights - not running etc.)
- He prefers the DAP to have a long batterytime
I think that's about it :wink:
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I would think that the Fiio X1 could be the obvious choice for a DAP given it's performance for the price and how much that leaves of his budget for IEMs.
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Oh, my IEM experience is more limited than a lot of others on Head-Fi. Best to wait and see what they say

Same :) Will do.

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