Need Help with First Big Audio Purchase
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Stevie B

Sep 22, 2008
As you can tell by my post count I'm new to the audio world and to head-fi. I bought some SR-80's about a month ago and I like there sound but they are extremely uncomfortable after only an hour of use. Plus, they left me wanting more so I think it's time too upgrade!
This is my first major foray into this kind of thing I have a few questions. I want to get some good full size cans and I narrowed it down to 4 possible choices: the DT 880's, DT 250's (250ohm), HD 595's, or the HD 600's. I will be powering my selection with a Headroom Total Airhead amp but will possibly upgrade to a better amp in about 6-8 months. The questions I had are these:

1.Can these headphones be powered properly by this amp (obviously a better amp would be more efficient, but will the Airhead do a solid job?)
2. Is there a big difference between the 595's and the 600's in sound quality?
3. Is there a big difference between the 880's and the 250's in sound quality?

Now I know the Sens and the Beyers have different sound styles (if thats what you want to call it) and from what I've read on here the HD 600's are harder to power than the HD 595's. Truthfully I'm torn between the 880's and the 600's but I don't know if they can be powered properly by the airhead and the 250's and 595's seem to be popular choices on here (maybe because of the price/quality ratio). I listen mostly to R&B and a lot of Bob Marley and I will be using an Ipod Nano 4G 16GB and a Sansa Clip 2GB as the sources if that helps any. Thanks in advance!

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