need help with earphones
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May 22, 2008
i am planning to buy earphones. i have shortlisted a few. please tell me which will be good out of these. i will be listening to them unamped from the cowon d2. i am not a bass freak. i would want good sound rather than just bass and i want something which has depth. inshort i want something which would make pink floyd sound even better.
i currently own a cresyn e630.

in my budget i have shortlisted the jbuds j2, soundmagic pl-30.

but somehow i feel like buying the ultimate ears metro fi 200. how is their sound when compared to the j2 and pl-30?

then there are the mylar bijou. How do they sound?

and finally there are the shure e2c. out of my budget but if they are really worth it and significantly better than the others then i might think about it.

So out of these which one should i go for? any other in ear in a similar range that i could buy?

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