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Need help with earbuds/IEM

  1. avian304
    So a little background. I'm currently living in Bangkok, and have recently purchased a Grado SR80i.

    I am, however, now looking for earbuds/IEMs for whenver I'm on the road. Due to me living in Thailand, my choices are somewhat limited (and expensive, think all audiophile headphones cost twice as much now.)
    So I'm humbly asking the people of head-fi for some assistance as I know very little about selecting a quality headphone.
    My selection of earphones/IEMs comes form a specialty store in BKK known as Mongkong Gadget.
    That's the site.
    My first question is, should I go for IEM's or earbuds? I have copious amounts of wet ear wax that really annoyed me when I used the apple IEM's a long long long time ago. However, I do like the isolation that they provide. My understanding is that IEM's have a narrower sound stage but overall has better sound quality. Is this correct?
    2nd, I'm going to be using it mainly for my Ipod. I'm a slight bass head but I do find High's and mid to be important also (Used the ADH700 for a long time.)
    What does head-fi recommend?
    At the moment, I'm looking at the AK 3's Sennheiser mx 580, but my favorite has def meet the Bose IEM2 (I know right? But they're slightly out of my price range. Is there anything comparable but for cheaper?)
    I'm having trouble finding an acceptable balance between bass and highs/mids
    a noobie
    EDIT: I forgot to add, my price range is under a $100s.
  2. AstroTurf
    You have got to check out the Etymotic MC5

    Very very Good IMO.

  3. Zophiel
    I bet in Bangkok you can find Astrotec, Dunu and Vsonic IEMS for a good price.  These brands all produce IEMs that perform extroidanarily for their value.  I suggest
    Astrotec AM-90  - $41 USD here.
    Vsonic GR99/GR02 for about $50 usd or GR06 for $65.  The GR02 is advertised as having great bass.
    Dunu - don't know as much about them but the Trident is one that gets frequent praise.  
  4. azuredreamz
    Here you can get Brainwavz ProAlpha (aka, Visang R02) for 990-1,290 THB.
    I think these are one of the best bang-for-bucks earphones out there.
    But they're in-ear, though.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If the OP does want to use IEM's he may be better of buying some comply tips with wax guards. The mentioned Visang RO2 is very good for your money, Vsonic GRO6 is also very popular right now.  

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