Need Help with DAP - global eq and warm souding
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Dec 11, 2022
Hey guys, I'm new here, hope I can learn a lot from everybody.

I always had an interest in audio, but until now may main focus was on vinyl gear (still is, I must say). but this last weeks I was travelling in japan and ended up at the e-earphone shop and that opened up a new unseen world for me and that made my interest on Iems and mobile audio grow a lot.

Until then I was using a zero audio carbo basso and iphone dongle, not very happy with the quality at all, but as that wasnt my main listening source it was kind of ok.
I always liked DAPs, so during my trip I bought a sony a105 at a good price, and it showed to be miles ahead in terms of sound quality to my iphone.
With that sorted I tested several IEMs at the shop and felt in love with campfire audio holocene, so i got to buy a c/2019 q4 which sounds about the same to my ears and was cheaper.

The thing is:

I love the sound I manage to get on my sony ( I made 2 eq presets that suits all of my listening and enjoy all sound adjustment features, apart from clearaudio), but the battery issue kills me.
My source is streaming, I already have a nice vinyl collection and dont plan to build a digital library.

WIth the sony + EQ + sound adjustment features I get a good punchy, warm sound that suits my listening (metal and hardcore).

What other daps can offer me the same sound? I think I need global EQ and a warm sounding profile.
I would love the sony wm1am2 but that seems off reach to me in Brazil. I can get Astell and kern, fiio, hiby and ibasso through aliexpress so between these which brand would suit my needs?
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Opps just reread your post sounds like the Sony was at issue due too the battery not lasting. I would still look into a Shangling Dap.
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Yeah i have been searching and I found shanling m3 ultra, but that doesnt seem to have a system wide EQ, the same happens to fiio m11s.

I also found hiby r5 gen2 but that runs an old android. I then looked up to astell and kern sr25 mkII but I dont know about the sound signature on those.

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