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Need help with Creative Sound BlasterX G1 Setup

  1. irfanintekhab
    I recently purchased a Sound BlasterX G1 for my Sennheiser HD 598. for my PC use. I have some confusion with its setup.

    In the advanced section of the Sound BlasterX software, what do I select from the "7.1" options?

    the options are 1. Headphones (Virtual 7.1 surround)
    2. Virtual 7.1 surround sound

    The audio with 1st option is more directional, but the problem is, in the mixer when I decrease left and right and increase rear left and right or any other channels, I cannot hear anything. I have to increase left and right to be able to hear anything. So essentially those two channels are the only ones that work I suppose.

    In the 2nd option, the audio is more spaced out and hall like if you will. In the mixer though, all the channels work independently. I can reduce all and increase only one to hear that channel.


    I am not sure what settings to use for this dac and its software. any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & regards
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Is the audio source set for stereo audio or surround audio or 5.1 audio or 7.1 audio?
  3. irfanintekhab
    Source is set for 7.1
  4. Ozan.
    Do you think is it good? Are you still using? I will use it on my HD599

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