Need help with computer noise through my speakers
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Jan 25, 2016
I recently got a couple of JBL LSR305. I plugged them into my also recently acquired audio interface Steinberg UR22 MK2 and I'm noticing some noise coming through the speakers. I'm using a Windows 10 computer with an ASROCK Anniversary Z97, an i7 4790K and a GeForce GTX 970.
This noise is NOT the static noise from the amp in the speakers. I can also hear that noise if I turn the volume up on the speakers and don't plug them anywhere. But I'm talking about noise coming from my computer, because I tried plugging my iPod or my smartphone and none of them are producing any kind of noise.
So, the noise I'm talking about is in part a constant buzz, but it also gets louder with some hisses and tones when moving the mouse, pressing keys on my keyboard, and changing things on screen (opening different windows, scrolling through the navigator, etc.). Especially playing a game has been a nightmare with a much louder noise.
These are the things I tried and didn't work:
- Unplugging and plugging again the audio interface. Nothing different.
- Changing the USB port of the audio interface. Nothing different, not even between front and rear ports.
- Chaning other USB devices (mouse, keyboard, external HDD). Nothing different.
- Unplugging the HDMI out from my graphics card to the screen. Greatly reduced the noise, but still some casual hisses/tones. But it makes me think that a good part of the noise comes from here.
- Using the integrated audio card with the normal green minijack connector. Nothing different, same noise.
- Reducing volume in Windows and/or audio interface output does not have any effect, only moving the potentiometer in the speakers changes the level of the noise.
- Plugging the power cables to a different plug. Nothing different.
So I'm running out of things to try. One of the reasons I purchased the audio interface was to avoid potential noise from the computer, and it turns out it has not avoided anything. I find myself with brand new equipment, which should be greatly improving the audio quality, and it's way more unusable than my former equipment.
What else can I try? How can I solve it? Thanks in advance, hope you can help!
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Sep 1, 2011
It's a long shot, but did you try disabling the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS?
And any other motherboard intergated devices that you would never use.

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