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Need help with cables

  1. ultramabi
    Sorry I need help trying to decide if I should go with more expensive cables or cheaper ones. I am new to audio but bought an amp/dac that requires rca cables. I am wondering if I should buy more expensive versions of the following:

    1) Rca cables
    2) 1/8 to dual rca cables
    3) And lastly a digital coaxial cable. (Does length matter for this one? Is 25ft. too long?)

    Please let me know as I’m newb to audio.
  2. liquidzoo
    What AMP/DAC did you buy that needs RCAs?

    Knowing that will help determine what you might need.
  3. ultramabi
    I bought a NuForce udac5 but will probably upgrade to schiit products in the near future unless I find a better option.
  4. liquidzoo
    From the Amazon listing, it looks like the RCA/Coaxial terminals on the back are outputs, not inputs. You should be able to attach that to your computer via usb and be just fine.
  5. Monsterzero
    I have upgraded all the cables in my chain to a moderate level.All made a difference in sound quality.The one cable that had the most positive impact on my system is oddly missing from your list,the power cable.Dont overlook that piece.

    Cables,and their value in a system is a hotly debated topic.Some swear by spending thousands on cables,while others stick with the stock stuff and anything else is "snake oil"
    I didnt go crazy $ wise upgrading,but I can def hear a difference.
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I usually buy Monoprice "Premium" cables.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor

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