Need help with Amp/DAC. Fiio vs Ibasso vs hifimediy
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Jun 28, 2015
Hi ! 
I'm completely new here and sort of new to the audiophile world. I'm looking for a USB amp/dac for my headphones.
I am looking for something around 100 USD. I intend on upgrading to Modi 2/ Vali stack in a year but i need something to get the job done. My options are

1. Fiio E10k
2. Ibasso D-Zero Mark 2
4. Fiio E07k

Gear i currently own: V-moda M80, ATH M50X, Philips SHP9500( on its way), Shure Se215, Westone ADV beta, Fiio X1.

Any budget Gem i'm missing ? After hearing all about the wolfsons i'm a little inclined for a wolfson DAC but people seem to praise the Sabre too :frowning2: i am not looking to buy any high impedance headphones anytime soon. So anything that would sound the best paired through USB would be best and ALSO would not be junk once i upgrade to the Modi/Vali stack. 

Thanks ! 
Help a newbie spend his hard earned cash ^.^
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For the price, the FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla, would do the job.
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I was opting for the schiit fulla but i live in bangladesh so won't be able to return them, i need something reliable.
Im leaning towards the fiio e10k ^.^

I want to get the vali but then i wouldnt have a dac :frowning2: but what about the ibasso and the hifimediy?

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