Need Help With a 1st Gen Fiio X3
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Jul 2, 2015
Hi there, 
I recently bought a used Fiio X3 from somebody to replace my old one. It has firmware 3.3 whereas my old one had a firmware of V2. 
It reads his Strontium 64GB memory card but would not read any other cards irregardless of brand. I have formatted to both FAT32 and exFAT but to no avail. I bought a new strontium brand one but it also doesn't work. The player would just say TF card not found, please insert TF card. Does anybody have any ideas of how to fix it?
I tried resetting the device but it also doesn't work. 
Is there something wrong with the player?
I was hoping to reverse the firmware to an older version but because it doesn't detect any of the cards, i can't do that as well. 
Also, the seller seems to be reluctant to lend me his card for the firmware update. 
Any help will be appreciated thanks. 
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If the X3 is not reading other cards, if I were in that situation, I would return it. IMO, seems defective.

Perhaps someone in this thread has had a similar experience:
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The seller has rejected my request for a refund. I suppose there's nothing I can do and just use the 8gb internal storage. Dishonest person. He probably knew it was faulty. This is my welcome experience to this hobby. Lesson learnt. :frowning2:
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If you purchased through Ebay or used PayPal for a private transaction, and the seller said that the X3 is in good working order (through an ad or email message so you can prove it), you should submit a claim. Ebay and PayPal back up the buyer in cases like this.
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Sorry to hear that.

There is one possibility that might help, and that's cleaning the card reader contacts (look up how to do this). Although you must do this carefully to make certain you don't mess the contacts up inside.

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