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Need help - Soundmagic e80 comparision with vsonic vc02

  1. pashhtk27
    [Hello. I'm a new member here and this marks my first post. Looking forward to helpful replies :p]

    I own vsonic vc02 and I really like it's sound signature, but have some problems with detachable cables and the deep fit due to the associated sibilance.
    I was looking at some earphones to buy as a sidegrade to vc02, and found about e80. From the positive reviews, they seem to fit the sound signature I require and are in my budget so was planning to hit the trigger...but I still have a few question I have in my mind.

    1) How do they actually compare to vc02 in terms of clarity, detail, soundstage, and sound character? Note that I listen to a lot of female vocals, mainly anime and jpop.
    2) Would they fit me well, since I'm no good with shallow fit having small ears; images show quite large housings. Consider that soundmagic e30 do not really hold in my ear, and Xiaomi piston 2 barely hold themself.
    3) Do they really get too sibilant at times, and will the right tips eliminate the problem? I listen to music at high volumes.
    4) How do they compare with the soundmagic e30, considering that I do not like their bass but love their forward and smooth vocals.
    5) I recently bought xduoo xq10 portable headphone amp. Will it help in driving e80 to higher volumes without degrading the sound? As for source I will be using my smartphone (Xiaomi Redmi 1s).

    Thanks in advance. :D
  2. pashhtk27

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