Need Help Purchasing new headphones
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Jun 27, 2009
Ok first of all i would like to say i am a complete newb in the sense that this is my first foray into high end headphones or just headphones that deliver better quality sound and now i am searching for something that fits me. I already own the panasonic rp htx7 and the grado sr125 and i have heard the beats by dr.dre.
So to start i like the htx7 and the grados but i feel that the grados are better it is just that i am not hearing as much bass as i would like. I hear that bass in the htx7 but they aren't as clear and the highs if am correct in saying are harsher than the grado which i hear the grado has piercing highs but i like the way they sound. I have heard the beats and they are loud as heck and the cymbols and things like that sound clearer and the bass is definitely there but i think they are just too loud if that is understandable. i mean when i listen to songs like glass onion by the beatles they cymbols and stuff are clearer but they hurt my ears i don't like that. And when i say i like the bass on the htx7 i do but it affects the way voices and stuff sound compared to the grado like it adds something to change the way they sound like darker or something. which is nice but eh i don't know.
another thing though is that i just bought the grados and they may have like at the most 50 hours of burn in at the most so they may sound better later down the line but if they don't i will be dissapointed because the bump in quality is there and i can hear it but it isn't as grand as i would have liked it to be in the bump up of sound quality. i am thinking i should seek something else but i don't know what if anybody has any suggestions i would like to hear them. If you think i should just stick with the 125 for now let them burn in more and see what happens state that also.
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i am running them straight from my laptop which says it has a high definition system for sound but ultimately it is just a stock audio card it is the one that comes on the hp pavilion dv7. I am running them unamped because i heard that grados don't need to be amped which is one of the reasons why i bought them. i am willing to buy an amp but from searching on here i have heard that it is almost nine times out of ten better to just buy better headphones than buy a new amp that most of the time just makes things louder. I have a budget of up to three hundred dollars for now it ain't like i plan on going out and buying a turntable and running only vinyl for me to listen to so i don't think really expensive headphones will make all that much of a difference if my source isn't better. I listen to mostly just 320mp3 files i tend not to mess with flac files because of their size and i don't really care if they are portable or not because these are mostly just for home use but they should be able to take atleast a little beating.
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Amps usually do more than just make it "louder". Some phones need more power to drive correctly and without the proper power some really good headphones end up sounding nothing like what they are praised to be.
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I actually listen to my ESW9's and TF10's at lower volumes amped than I would unamped.
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I've had the SR125 and in the beginning it is a bit bass shy, but then after a week or 2/3 of heavy use I suddenly realized it was there and pretty deep at that. It'll never be a bassy headphone, but it sounded very natural to me.

Though I've never directly compared them, (I sold the SR125 first) the SR325i may be what you look for if you like that Grado sound. Better bass, deeper and more tight. And a very detailed presentation.
That's one option, another is to get a decent stand alone DAC/AMP device. An amp gives more power than the onboard soundcard, not to make it louder but to give better control: Bass improves and things will sound more smooth.
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If they do change sound after some heavy listening then i guess i can just listen to them for a while longer and see what happens with them. If i were to get an amp though which amp should i get that isn't expensive sound good with a variety of headphones and can grow with upgrades in headphones if i do decide to go to some of the higher models out there.
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As for an amp check out the Audio-gd Compass (especially if you need a DAC-if you are listening directly from your laptop you won't believe how much difference a good DAC makes) as it is a combo unit, has different configurations for sound signatures and is fairly inexpensive

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