Need help: PCI-Express 44.1/16 soundcard with bitperfect digital output
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Dec 14, 2006
Hi, I used to have such a soundcard, but PCI based, and I enjoyed it in my older computer. Unfortuntately, the old pc fried and I had to buy a new one, which doesn't have any old PCI slot, only PCI-Express. So I can't use my C-media audio card anymore, and am out for a new transport outputting SPDIF signal. It needs to be bitperfect but I am not finding much on Google, and I hope some experienced members could chime in and point me towards the right direction. My source is a Museatex Melior Bitstream which I want to keep using, so switching to different sources won't be considered.

Thanks for any potential help,
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That one seems to use mini out, unfortunately. I would need a RCA connector for digital out. Any alternatives?
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Just get a USB sound card and then you don't have these problems
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usb-audio is not a bad choice.

I would not 'burn' a pci-e slot on just audio

try usb. its driverless, it works, and it can be bit perfect if you get the right chips.

you already know cmedia. cm makes chips such as this, for turtle beach:


its bit perfect. I've tested it and found 44.1 comes thru undisturbed.

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