Need help on usb DAC around 200-300$ for my setup
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 12, 2008
I will be running my AD2000 from Gilmore lite (purchasing soon), and I would like to know which USB DACs are neutral and detailed @ 200-300$ range (used)

I was originally thinking Keces 151 or Emu 0404.

Are there any accessible (ie, can be found easily in FS forum or from builder's website)

Also, how are squeezebox as a DAC?

thanks for all the help!
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The Squeezebox has quite good bang for buck and undervalued here. I did some comparisons recently against my Lavry (mostly with srm-007t and O2 sr-007) and although the Lavry was superior overall and especially excelled as a DAC/amp combo with Senns, I couldn't justify it's cost over the Squeezebox as DAC only duty and sold it. I say consider it a $300 DAC with a streamer (and UV meters) tossed in.
Can't say how it compares with the Keces or synergy with your system, though I do use it with W5Ks.
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Can't compare it directly to those, but I've heard the 151 and REALLY liked it. Excellent DAC for the money, IMO.

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