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Need help on new IEM , around £100

  1. Sirilius
    Been checking out this forum for a while now and still am unable to settle on what IEM to get. I will be using it with my iPhone, so would prefer ones with mic and controls. I listen to quite a variety of music but mainly Dubstep, D&B, rnb and hip hop.
    I recently got the hf2 but don't really like the bass from it and not really enjoying some of my music with it. 
    I really liked the S4 which I used previously. But have gone through two pairs of them, both suffering from the loss of sound from one side. The thin wires of those really made me lose confidence in their build quality. But like I said I really liked the sounds from those, so prob looking for a new pair of IEM that sounds like S4.
    So am looking for advice on a new pair of IEM with a mic/remote that sound similar to the S4 (at least with its bass). And my budget is below £100.
  2. Morten
  3. Sirilius
    I'm looking for IEM with good bass. Your thread is on mild bass, but thanks.
  4. Sirilius
    bit of shameless bumping
  5. kmhaynes
    Monster Turbines are on sale today at Amazon.com for $60, at least 50% off.  Never heard them, but several people call them a much better S4.

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