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Need help on headphones ( Sennheiser, AT or Sony or Beyerdynamics)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by natureenergy, Nov 14, 2012.
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  1. NatureEnergy
    Hello guys,
    I've been doing researches about headphones the whole week! about 6 hours a week or more than that!! so im still not into the audophile world as my knowledge about headphone is still fairly low :p. so basically, I DO NOT WANT an amp with me while i use the headphones, as i find the amp a little bit trouble some and its like there's alot of 'electrostatic' around u which i dont like that nor do my parents. so i found that the M50 are SUPERB w/o amps.
    i also've been doing my research about the Sennheisers. the compliment by the users was so much that it overtake the cons of the sennheisers cans.. so i end up considering these: ( or is there any more u guys could recommend. the 650HD are definitely great BUT its too pricey. and the HD 598 are great too, still its pricey. same goes to the 600 HD)
    1) http://www.jaben.com.hk/ProductView.asp?ID=431&SortID=245
    2) http://www.jaben.com.hk/ProductView.asp?ID=338&SortID=245
    3) http://www.jaben.com.hk/ProductView.asp?ID=432&SortID=245
    Or all those ^ not worth at all/ better to add in a few extra bucks to get a high end ones? 
    I basically listen to almost every music genre.. sometimes im in the mood i would go for K-POP, sometimes rock, sometimes a new catchy-pop song made its debut and i would probably listen to it.. techno probably only Skrillex.... and sometimes i'd also listen to John Mayer/Joseph Vincent ( yes he;s youtube star) But the problem with ME is that when i buy headphones and the headphones do not provide bass ( like the ATH700) i would feel the headphones are a waste.. lol its just me i guess.. BUT i would'nt also want the headphones to be OVERPOWERED by bass.. i sometimes listen to John Mayer ( country) so i would want Clarity, so i could hear him sing as if im in front of him.. ya know what i mean..
    On the other side, im from Asia, so the M50 would cost ALOT more than Amazon(100-130$ for a new pair of m50). and if i buy it from my country it would be around 165-170$. But what im concern about is that, mostly everyone spoke out of their mind that the M50 are worth for their price which is (100-130$) but right now i can only get it for (165-170$) will it still be worth it?
    anyways besides those i've also considered the DT 770 pro from Beyerdynamics. as i've mentioned I WOULDNT be using an AMP. so will the 770 sound better than M50/ all of the sennheisers i've mentioned above?. The dt 770 pro would be a little expensive that could cost me up to ( 250$!) 
    and at last, how about these SONY headphones?
    2) http://www.jaben.com.hk/ProductView.asp?ID=286&SortID=183
    i doubt most of u guys wouldn't recommend me these Sony tho.
    About comfortability, i would want a Headphones that can go over my ear( like the QC 15 bose/ Logitech G35) because i have the Beats studio ( Dont hate on me, its a gift) and it Freakin hurts after an hour  or so. As i do not want to ' feel the cushion on my ears, that would press my ears and cause physical pain, and P/S: im wearing glasses but my glasses dont put pressure to my head because my glasses dont literally 'stick' on to my head(sides).  
    Last but not least, i would use the headphones mostly at home. or sometimes i'll use it outdoor. I would basically use it for Music a little movies and a little gaming. And i protect my headphones well.. i wouldnt touch it if my hands are dirty/ not wash. yes i know im kinda 'b1tchy'. But that's just me.
    so yea, now currently in a Dilemma in picking WHICH sennheisers/M50/770 Pro WITHOUT AN AMP.. so yea i apologise for the long post. Have a great day everyone.
  2. MalVeauX
    None of those are going to be best without an amp. You're looking at headphones with impedances of 80ohms to 300ohms here. You should do a lot more research to familiarize yourself with how all this works before you spend a single dollar. Also, you may need an amp for the headphone that meets all your criteria. If that's not an option, then your choices spiral down big time.
    Sounds like you need a neutral headphone that is capable in all areas. That's a good balanced headphone. Simple.
    Beyer DT880 32 ohm
    AudioTechnica AD900
    Ultrasone HFI 2400
    Sennheiser HD595
    Very best,
  3. ru57y
    I do love my Sennheiser HD558's (with the strip removed). 
    Ampless, they still sound good and you can find them for not-that-much-but-still-rather-a-lot if you search around. 
    On the occasions I listen to J-Pop, they sound great! 
    I'm a massive NIN fan and the 558's sound beautiful on pretty much everything similar - although my wife doesn't think so when I turn the volume up a bit. 
    The only thing that let mine down initially is bass - It felt lacking. Since removing the strips the bass seems less anaemic and any distortion I initially heard when I got them has dissipated. Burn in is a MUST. 
    best thing to do is try some out with your own sources in the comfort of your local audio haven. 
  4. NatureEnergy
    Hello thank you guys for replying, hmm if its really neccesary on getting an amp. Which headphones should i get and along with what amp should i get?
    i previously had a Shure before, didnt really like it. so yea. So you're saying that the 558hd are lacking of bass? and besdies that its very good? did u use an amp?
  5. MalVeauX
    Beyer DT880 PRO 250ohm with a Fiio E10
    Hifiman HE-300 with Fiio E10
    Ultrasone HFI 2400 with Fiio E10
    I would suggest one of those setups for an excellent DAC/AMP and headphone choice that covers all bases and genres well.
    Very best,
  6. NatureEnergy
    Hey, hmm but why aren't u recommending me the Sennheisers? ( just curious) those looks cool. but will it be over budget for me? now im having a hard time deciding the Beyers or Sennheisers. the M50's are probably out of my list now.
    EDIT: the 880 are actually over budget for me. as i can only get the  770. within my budget. so yea..
  7. ru57y
    depends how mental you want to go with your budget - 
    the bass on the sennheisers could use a little more oomph if that's your thing, I find them really nice. Excessive bass really detracts from the music for me but if necessary pretty much any Fiio amp will compensate depending on the EQ.
    I've got an e5 at the moment for portable use, which didn't cost much. Even though the summit-fi'ers here will say my portable combo will sound like junk, I'm happy with it with no real intention to go any higher up the ladder (aside from maybe an E7 for computer use). 
    I had a pair of Shure SE-215's (IEM's) which disappointed me so I went back to Sennheiser on the (semi) logical path of HD201 > CX300 > HD280 Pro (64) + CX280 > HD558. 558's are my primary with HD280's as my editing 'phones and the CX280's as my backups.
    A chap at my work has a set of Denon d5000's which I found rather loose, even on the tightest setting (headband) but with really bass heavy audio, I actually prefer the clinical sound of my pairs if that makes sense. 
    get a cheapo amp, decent set of cans and make sure your source files are up to scratch and you may find yourself in love with what you discovered, worst case scenario - buy yourself another amp later on. Try on as many as you can in as many locations as possible, you may for some reason even find yourself infatuated with a pair of Beats! 
  8. streetdragon
    comfort wise the HD558 is the most comfortable you can get, the earpads are so huge they wil not touch or hug your ear, i am a litt;e concerned however the HD558 can be a little too mellow for your choice of generally modern songs. also the HD558 doesnt really need amping, it would help but is not nessasary. but if you like soundstage, mids and neutrality that sennheiser would do you good.

    Dt770 has a slightly more powerful bass and a slighly sparkly treble, mids a little recessed though. and soundstage is narrower.
    M50 soundstage is absolutely terrible.

    the beyerdynamic and sennheiser are the most comfortable you can get in this discussion
  9. NatureEnergy
    Thanks for the reply! i've read quite a lot about the 650HD Sennheiser, but everyone seems to say that the 650 is very amp-dependant. But i would prefer NOT to use an amp to be honest.. as i still dont really know much about amp stuff. and i would probably not bring that big thing around with me ( even tho its portable).. but if its possible, i wouldnt prefer using an amp.
    What i usually listen to ( just a rough scale)
    The A team
    More than words
    John mayer's songs
    Joseph Vincent
    Blake Shelton
    but when sometimes im in the mood for soemthing else i would probably listen to
    KPop, Skrillex( i rarely listen to skrillex tho), Pop music such as Payphone,Call me Maybe or some stuff like that..
    so u see, i dont really need 'THAT' much bass. but i would, to be honest prioritize Clarity over bass. But if i COULD i would want a headphone to be 50/Bass and the other 50/ for Clarity.
    and not using an amp. so any thoughts about it? sorry if i've bothered u guys.. 
  10. NatureEnergy
    Hey thanks for the reply!  but i've seen some users having a hard time with the 558 comfortability? and the cable thingy.. oh so now i have to pick between, 558,518,650 or 600 ( wihout an amp 4 of those, which 1 sounds the best? ) as i've mentioned aboev my post i dont neccesarily need bass. i would prefer clarity as i listen to John mayer, blake shelton, joseph vincent. but i do listen to pop songs too and also K-Pop. but i would prefer if i can get a headphone that has 50/bass and another 50/ for Clarity. so yea.
    hmm so i dont think i would want the beyer now. i've seen the pics of dt770 it looks heavy and im afraid that the earpads are too big for me.
    m50 sound stage is terrible? care to explain what does soundstage mean? as i've seen MANY m50 users complaining about the soundstage ( sorry im new to the audophile world)
  11. ru57y
    HD215 :) try it out in your local hypermarket/audio nirvana/friends house! 
  12. streetdragon
    well about the comfort issues, yeah some say the clamp is too tight and the ears touch the bump inside at the back of the earcup. cable is detachable if that is what you are wondering.
    well without amp, the HD600 would sound the best, it would just not sound THAT much better than the HD558 or HD598.

    with amping i find though that the bass of the HD558 improves noticably. the HD518 sounds quite dark and has more bass than the HD558. 

    and about the M50 soundstage, the M50 is the sound is stuck in your head completely, while for the HD558 it feels like the sound is surrounding your head and is diffused, the sound therefore sounds very airy too. the only drawback is that the bass is not as focused and hard hitting as the M50 (which is closed) eqing the bass up can make the bass rumble, but it still won't punch like what closed back headphones can do. (orthos and stats being the exception)
  13. streetdragon
    personally i don't like the HD215, recessed midrange, tinny treble and uncomfortable too with rather high force
  14. NatureEnergy
    I guesss i would have to go and try the hd650 to overcome my thought about the comfort issue. Hmm, if the 650 is amp-dependant what amp should i go for? i would want a portable 1 preferbably. I mean is it hard to play with the amp? (sounds wrong) LOL!.. im not into amp kinda stuff..
    so u mean that the HD 600 would sound the best w/o an AMP and the sound quality is better than the 558/598? So i guess 518 would not be on my list now..
    i've read some more reviews, and the 650 would sound more like natural kind of feeling rather than just typical 2 sound headphones? i would love the feel that as if the singer is infront of me singing... 
    but still im not sure why cant i get over with 650?? or am i already in love with the 650? ( not only the design) LOL! but all of the good positive feedbacks of it.
  15. streetdragon
    the HD650 is very lush, warm and smooth (i tried it for a while at the shop, and i love it too! unfortunately.... $$$) well the midrange king is the HD598 i feel. the singher's voice is really lifelike (but i may be wrong though)
    without the amp the HD598 and HD650 have similar overall quality, just the HD650 edging it in treble detail and lushness, the HD598 however has a wider soundstage and a more airy feel than the HD650 though.
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