Need help on first phones
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Sep 29, 2008
First off I am not an audiophile in the sense of owning lots of highend stuff, but I love sound quality, so maybe that makes me one, you decide I guess. I am new to this however, so be kind if some of this doesn't make sense.

So I am looking for a set of cans, open or closed is still up for grabs. Also would like them to be comfortable for long sessions. I listen mostly through my computer and iPhone/Pod and do not have any amps. I listen to everything from Power Metal to Rap to Classical and Jazz. I like bass, but only if it is clean and tight. I would also like to use them for gaming and movies on the PC. The best phones I have owned is Shure e2c, which I love! But they bit the dust, so I decided to go for some cans, and will probably end up getting Ety er4, or their new EDGE Acoustics' GX400 (a spin off er4) a bit latter on.

If I had to choose three most important qualities it would be clarity, detail, and soundstage.

I have looked at a few gaming headsets, and there is one that I am really attracted to. However, I fear that the will not perform well with music, which is really more important to me. Gamers rave over them, but I don't consider them audiophiles. Has anyone had any experience with Astro a40's? If so does it work well with music.

Looking to spend no more than $250. The Astros come with phones and mix-amp for 250. But if I can get phones that are better that do not require and amp I am up for that as well.

Any and all comments and questions are welcome. Thank you for your help in advance!

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