Need help on choosing ear/headphones
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Oct 29, 2008
I'd like to know what kind of ear/headphones are the best for cowon A3 (probably will buy s9). As i know all cowon players has Max Output 16 Ohm (earphone : 37mW + 37mW and Frequency Range 20Hz~20KHz). Listening mainly .flac formated music or high quality mp3. So is there any point buying more powerful (above20 Ohm) phones without using any amplifier?

And i don't know what to choose, ear- or headphones. I've never had any good experience with earphones before, so i don't know what to choose. I'm ready to spend up to 250$ for good phones (maybe bit more with amp). Also they should be comfortable to use/wear. Maybe someone here can help and give me good advice. Mostly i'm using the player driving in bus, walking on the street and so on, not by sitting on the coatch at home).

thank you!

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