Need help in deciding on a big upgrade in headphones
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May 25, 2015
I'm feeling kinda lost right now with all the options out there for headphones. My basic list of what I want in headphones is:
1. Closed, I want to be able to use the same headphones at home in my room and on the go, (planes, library, car rides, etc.)
2. Cool. I would like to not get too hot from wearing the headphones too long, though I probably will not wear headphones longer than around 4 hours without taking a break.
3. Over-Ear, I don't like how on-ear headphones feel, and unless I can get equal sound for the price, I'm not interested in in-ear
4. Less than $1000, the preferred price range is probably up to around $750 but if the cans are worth it I would go to closer to $1000
5. Detachable cord, I try to take care of my headphones, but have a history of messed up cords, so I want to play it safe. I also want these headphones to last a long time.
6. Portable, beyond just closed, I would like headphones that can play music from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well as my laptop.
I would also prefer the headphones to be good in both bass tenor and mids, I'm not really a huge bass head or anything. I also listen to a wide variety of music styles so I'd like to be able to enjoy all my music tastes with this pair. I am willing to buy a used version of the headphones, so that could be considered in making my budget work. The look of the headphones is not something I'm very concerned about, I am more concerned about the sound quality. Here are some headphones I have been looking into:

1. Beyerdynamic T5p: it is made to be portable, it apparently sounds good, but the price is high, even when bought used
2. Fostex TH900: They're supposedly some of the best closed headphones, and they do look beautiful, but they are not meant to be used on mobile phones, which I plan on doing. Also the price is up there
3. Mr.Speakers Alpha Dog: They seem like a good value, I suppose I just wonder if there is anything better out there. Will spending more get enough added quality to not lose any "bang for my buck"
4. ATH W5000: I have found some good deals on them online, and they seem like they are high quality, but I have seen mixed reviews on if the price is worth it.
5. Audeze El-8: Audeze seems like a really good brand, but I'm not sure how well the EL-8s stand up against the others listed.
I think the best option for sound quality and meeting what I want to have would be the Beyerdynamic T5p, but I think the Mr Speakers Alpha Dog may be the best value. Can I get some help on this decision please?
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Apr 11, 2012
Beyerdynamic T5p is a no brainer because you can connect them directly to your smartphone without an amp, scratch Alpha Dogs and TH-900 right away because smartphones have a tough time driving them without an amp.
ATH W5000 and El-8 are also great.

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