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Need Help - Gumby + Mjolnir 2... Worthy Upgrade From...

  1. luckybaer
    ... Mimby and a mix of the Vali 2 & Magni 3?

    I'll eventually upgrade, and I like the Schiit products so far, but I could pull the trigger within the next couple of weeks if I wanted to. Has anyone else made a similar jump? What can I expect?

    The headphones I currently have: HD650, DT880, D2000, TX-X00 [ebony], K601. I've got a Massdrop x Focal Elex and Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX on the way.

    I mostly listen to pop, rock, with some classical thrown in for good measure.

    My sources are a Marantz CD5003 and FLAC/ALAC files from my PC.
  2. theveterans
    I'd go straight to Yggdrasil A2 + Mjolnir 2 or Yggdrasil A2 + Violectric V281 or Yggdrasil + GSX MK2 instead.
  3. luckybaer
    That’s a lot of jack, but I can see the logic. Go straight to the top, don’t fiddle around in the middle.
  4. buke9
    I think if you can swing it the Yggdrasil is a great piece of audio equipment. Pricey yes but I think worth it. The MJ 2 is to me the best of the Schiit amps not a big fan of the others and I like Schiit gear as I have the fore mentioned Yggy and a Freya,Mani and a Sys also. I like the 650’s from a Bottlehead Crack a lot but the drawback of that amp is it is only good with high impedance cans so not real versatile but great with the 650’s and if your 880’s are 250 ohm version pretty good with them also. I’ve mostly heard planars from the MJ 2 but it does make the Ether-C’s sing quite nicely and am sure it would do quite well with your cans also. Not sure about the 650’s as I find them more amp picky than the HD 800’s myself. A Chord Mojo rocks the 800’s quite well but just sucks with the 650’s for me. The new Cavalli Tube Hybrid from Massdrop is another amp to look out for as it does well with both of them and also can power The Abyss to good effect. As always these are my opinions and YMMV.
  5. luckybaer
    Yggdrasil is something I wouldn’t mind spending on. I’d like a really neutral amp that doesn’t try to color the sound. I want the source and headphones to dominate sound experience.
  6. buke9
    I don’t think you can go wrong with a Yggdrasil it is one great dac period. Not coloring sound I don’t agree with though. Most musicians I believe want you to feel the song and not hear it so I like to hear what I like. Most of the time it is a story being told so they just want you to feel it and if it sounds good to you great. I’ve played instruments since I was 9 years old and and now just play for my wife and I just want her to feel what I’m playing and don’t worry too much on how it sounds. Those that want to hear how it was recorded is on a fools errand as you don’t have the equipment that they used and then it is sent to mastering which changes it to. Just go with the sound you like and everything will be just fine. To me music is not about the sound it is about the feeling I get from listening to it.
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