need help getting headphones
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Oct 10, 2012
so my old headphones broke and im looking for new ones but just cant find the right one. it should cost around 150Euros. I listen to dubstep, dnb and electro. I mostly listen to the more bass heavy songs so the headphones should be capable of strong bass but also not interfere with the highs and mids. a removable cable or one that is easy to keep in my pocket would be preferable because i only use my headphones when im not at home. Im listening to music through my nokia n9 so buyng an amp together with headphones would be no problem, suggest a combo of the 2 if u want. What i dont want are headphones that hurt my ears or make them sweat after a while or have a weak bass
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Aug 24, 2012
So do you want a headphone and an amp for 150 euros? Or are you saying 150 on just the headphones and then you are willing to spend more on an amp?
I assume that because you are using the nokia n9 for music that you are mobile. I would suggest this thread:
From what you are looking at I would suggest maybe Vmoda m80s or lp2. Maybe even the m100s when they are released. I do not own these but they are known for their bass which seems to be your focus. I would research those here on head fi as there are many reviews on this site. I own the audio technica m50s and I think they would fit decently, but I dont think they are the best value in your price range. 
hope this helped a little.

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