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Sep 7, 2008
I am currently filing a dispute with my credit card company over a Zero that I purchased that was defective. Something is seriously wrong with the headphone amp on this Zero because it melted a pear of earbuds!! I measured a DC voltage of 12 volts on the headphone jack, clearly indicating something is not right. This is a whole story in itself and if you are interested you can read about it here Lawrence's brand new Zero DAC/AMP burned up my Senn's!!

It is obvious that it is defective, however my credit card company says that they need a letter from a professional indicating that the device is defective.


* Please provide an opinion from a licensed professional (on company letterhead) stating that the merchandise does not work properly.

I called them and questioned whether they really needed such a letter given the obvious circumstances but they maintained that it is company policy and it is required to make a solid claim. They said that the claim might seem like a compatability issue when they argue it such that the headphones weren't compatable with the amp and that is why they melted. They also said I couldn't use my own "professional opinion."

Therefore could someone who is a "licensed professional" please write me a letter on company letterhead stating that an amplifier with a DC voltage on its output of 12 volts is certainly defective and would destroy any headphone or speaker hooked up to it. The DC voltage should be as close to zero as possible. Also state the fact that the melting of a pair of earbuds is a sign of an internal defect of the amp such as a failed component or mistake during manufacturing. I'm sure any professional related to electronics or audio would suffice because the requirement for the letter is such a technicallity to begin with.

I know that this is a pain in the ass but it could save me $170. Thanks!

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