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Need help from CIEM owners!!, CIEM or mid tier IEM

  1. dwins050
    I am switching from headphones to IEM's and need advice. I'm going to get either an entry level CIEM (CTM-200) or mid-level IEM (Heir, Westone, SD-2) I have read tons of reviews and posts about CIEM fit and comfort, but I need opinions based on my listening habits. I listen for 30 to 45 minute intervals, several times a day. For those of you with CIEM's, would you consider it too much of a hassle to put in your CIEM for that short of a listening session, several times a day. I have some inexpensive IEM's (VSONIC) that are no hassle to put in and remove, but I need input on CIEM's. Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. b0000
    Any customs are extremely easy to put in your ears. Much more effortless than any universals/regular iems. You just simply pop it in and it's automagically sealed and good to go.
  3. dwins050
    Thanks b0000, That helps. Without having tried CIEM's, I just was not sure.
  4. b0000
    just another thought. Usually, ear impressions are made with your mouth slightly open. But since you're only gonna listen to music with them, you should ask the audiologist or who ever is doing the impressions if it's relevant or not. The reason it's made with your mouth slightly open is because your ear bends a bit when you speak/sing, so it affects the fit in a bad way. This usually for people who will use the monitors on stage or for people who needs hearing aid molds, which are the majority of the people who needs custom molds. Hence, it's standard to have your mouth open while ear impressions are made.
  5. dwins050
    I knew they used a bite block most of the time, but I didn't think about the reason. Good suggestion, because I have noticed when I open my mouth with my current IEM, I lose the seal slightly. Thanks.

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