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Need help finding wireless (not bluetooth) earbuds

  1. rdstill
    If someone reading this thread can, please help me find a set of earbuds. I am looking for wireless earbuds, but not bluetooth earbuds. I watch TV late at night, and I need a set of earbuds that I can hook up to my A/V receiver for the audio (since other folks are in the house asleep). The A/V receiver I have is a Denon AVR991 (you can google the specs if you like). Point is, there's no bluetooth in this AVR, just a 1/4" port for a wired headset. The A/V receiver is across the room from my watching position, therefore I am unable to stretch a headset cord that far across the room, (and don't want to). I searched these forums before posting, and all I found is one talking about a Opera S2, but it appears these are only available in european/asian markets. One other forum talked about a Sennheiser MX W1, but it appears to have been discontinued. I searched Amazon, but all I found there is a Sleek Audio SA6 (the picture on my avatar), but that thing's $600 -- way out of my price range. I'm looking for something closer down around the $100 mark. But -- these products are sort of exactly what I'm looking for. Something with a wireless adapter that will plug in to the headset port, then transmit out to the headset.
    Any ideas or knowledge of something specific out there that'd meet these criteria?
  2. alv4426
    Only earbuds? 
  3. rdstill


    Yes, large full size headsets are out of the question because unfortunately I'm not usually sitting in a straight upright position when watching TV, (I'm usually laying down on my side with my head flat on its side (like on a throw pillow or something) and as you can image that'd get uncomfortable after a few minutes. I realize there's dozens upon dozens of full size head set models out there that perfectly meet my critera, (almost), but that's why I need earbuds.

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