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Need help finding the best in-ear earphones for around $50

  1. trevordabomb
    I've been recommended the Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision, Sennheiser CX 400-II Precision, Sennheiser CX 500, V-Moda Vibe, and Ultimate Ears Metro.fi 170. I'm no good at knowing what earphones are good just based on the technical data and everything, so I can't decide. Do you think you guys could help me make a decision, or recommend me some other earphones for around $50
  2. Gannagorf
    One of the first things you must specify is either what you listen to (genre/artist) or what your preferred sound signature is.
  3. trevordabomb
    Sorry, as you can tell, I'm rather new at this big audio stuff. I'm not sure what a sound signature is, but I listen to all kinds of artists and genres that I couldn't specify it to one. I guess rock is probably the primary genre I listen to, but my musical tastes are extremely varied.
  4. 2rooi123
    brainwavz m1
  5. trevordabomb
    Bump for more opinions please.
  6. dfrost
    Read the many reviews compiled by joker and ClieOS. You'll find many excellent choices among them that meet your budget criteria (and I don't believe that any of those mentioned in your OP fall in that realm). BTW, the typical technical data provided for IEMs is pretty much useless for comparison. Both have useful summary charts (following reviews for joker, linked for ClieOS) that will help focus your reading.
    Models from Brainwavz/ViSang and MEElec seem to offer lots of quality for the buck in your budget range these days. I liked my NuForce NE-7M and MEElec M9P (both have a mic/remote, but have less expensive versions without that feature) until I was seduced by the excellence of Fischer DBA-02's, well beyond your stated budget, but another great value.

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