Need help finding earphones best for my needs
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Oct 20, 2013
Hello everyone, I hope I have found the right place to ask, but I really need advice from someone experienced in audio equipment.
I have these headphones for a few months now, really great sound, excellent basses, great isolation.
But the plug has broken down (bad choice of design) they left the wire wide open to break right next to the plug, so I am losing signal to one earphone when the wire is bent next to the plug. I could fix that by applying something hard next to it, and sticking it next to plug, but that could look awful, and also the headphones tend to fall out of ear. If you do know a better solution to fix the problem, please share with me.
If this fails, I am looking for a replacement, preferably something better or the same. I had these headphones before and they sound really bad compared to the ones I have now (the broken down one's), although by specifications they should be the same. But the basses are very weak, the sound is kind of distorted.
For the past years I have mostly chosen Philips portable audio equipment, because they haven't disappointed me yet and sound good, but I am very open to other manufacturers right now. I should also mention that I am very anal about audio quality build quality of headphones and earphones.
What I want from earphones - Resistant (I usually carry them in my pants pockets), with good and hard basses (I listen to electronic music, so this is crucial), good treble with minimal distortions and compact, music control of iPod's etc. Optional : volume control.
Budget about up to 60$ +/
I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.
Thanks in advance.
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Really? No one can help me with this? I just need some advice, personal experience with other earphones and probable fix for the issue I am having. 

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There probably isn't any one here who actually has your earphones as reference, so they won't know how it actually compares to whatever's popular around these parts. If you're willing to sift through a large list of earphones and read through a ton of reviews, start from ljokerl's portable IEM thread. If you find something you like that's within your budget, just check to see if it has an in-line volume control.

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