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Need help figuring which portable headphones to get!

  1. scarman117
    The upper end of my budget is around about €40(including delivery to Ireland). I'm getting a set of headphones mainly for commuting on the bus to college.
    The options I've been looking at are the Sennheiser 228, JVC s400 and Beyerdynamic DT-235

    The Sennheisers I'm considering as all my headphones thus far have been Sennheiser and I've been very happy with them all (until they broke). They have the shortish cable which is obviously handy considering they're for portable use and they also offer decent isolation and don't leak too much sound. However theyre the most expensive of the 3 and in my opinion look too fragile to handle being stuck in my bag as i go around college.

    The JVCs seem to be the most logical choice. According to reviews ive read the SQ is good. Also they're the cheapest of the 3, they have the shorter cable, the benefit of being fold-able and the good isolation. (Basically perfect for commuting)

    The Beyerdynamics come across as being the best for SQ. They're the set i find most interesting of the 3, even if the JVCs seem to make more sense. They have a longish cable and are the least fold-able, but look like they could handle being in a bag daily without breaking. However they also have a reputation for not offering the best isolation and leaking sound(which obviously is a no-no on the bus! However i do have a set of broken HD-203s that i could take the pads off and put them on the Beyers, would that increase isolation and reduce leakage?

    Obviously I'm new to this, seeing that this is my only post. Any other recommendations in a similar price range are more than welcome!

  2. kova4a
  3. scarman117
    Off Amazon, with postage to Ireland, the S500s would cost me over €60 which is twice as much as the S400s for a very similar product from the reviews I've seen!
  4. kova4a
    Well, if you check the amazon sellers you'll see that they ship from Japan or Hong Kong, so you might as well get it from ebay were it's like 40-42 euro with free shipping.
  5. scarman117
    Ah i see that now, thanks for the tip! But are they actually any better than the S400s? Because i read an in depth comparison in this thread :
    and the S400s seemed to outshine the S500 when it came to music.

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