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Need help. fake or real

  1. 2van2
    Hi, sorry to make another post but I just cant figure out if my IE8 I just got today is fake or real. Ive compared but the only thing thats really missing I think is the red chip... IDK can I just be blind? can this still be a real one? btw I bought this from amazon through Digital Pavilion  Electronics for $338.99. Im not sure if they are authorized retailers or not.
  2. 2van2
    I tested the bass knob and it works, theres a difference when its max and low. Can anyone confirm if its fake or not? I'd really appreciate it
  3. RichWhitfield
    Have you checked this thread - http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/457420/warning-fake-ie8s-comparison-pictures-included
    Seems that the red chip missing is the main tell.  I bought a pair (stupidly the cheapest offer) that didn't have a red chip and I complained to the online shop I bought them from, although they took their time they took them back on my say that they were fake.
    The skin colour on the box seems like another good way.  The real ones have a more pale/less yellow colour skin tone.
  4. 2van2
    thanks for the replay. The guy on mine is like you said a little pale and not yellow... more like a peach color :S not sure if i make any sense. My only concern is the red chip.... can it still be legit without the chip? maybe this is a later version vs. when it first release?

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