Need Help! Diagnosing Amp - Very Faint Volume (was working)
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Jan 9, 2004
I was using an old optonica amp(speaker) that I got for cheap over a garage sale, it started losing channels last week running from a pc, wasn't acting up when connected to an ipod. Anyhow, it finally gave out and all it produces is very faint volume, I can still distinguish the song if I crank the volume up all the way, my guess is that the poweramp or the input caps died and I'm hearing the preamp, I don't know that much about circuits though so I can't really say. It's a socketed amp where the modules (preamp, two power amps) can be pulled apart.

The input caps are 67v 15000uf. The look a little bloated on the top but that might just be the plastic as I can press on it easily.

Thank you for your time

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