Need help deciding between the Monoprice 8323s and Tascam TH-02.
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May 27, 2015
Hey guys, my earbuds (Beats Tours) crapped out on me so I'm in the market for some new cans. This time I want to try out some full size ones.
I don't have a huge budget (max $30), but I need something that's solid enough to hold me over for a few months until I get some extra cash.
I've narrowed it down to two; Monoprice 8323s or Tascam TH-02 after listening to these sound demos:
Monoprice 8323 Sound Demo:
TASCAM TH02 Sound Demo:
(I know with the compression of YouTube and listening through my own 'phones I can't get the full detail)
I was leaning toward the 8323s because of all the good things I hear about them (some say these are the poor man's M50s). However, after listening to those sound demos, I'm thinking the 02s have great highs and sound a bit more "bright" overall. I love to hear crisp guitar plucks and crashing cymbals, but thought it was lacking bass (as I've hear some people say). While the 8323s sound kinda dark and compressing the in upper ranges.
Anyway it'd be awesome if I could get some opinions on this. Also, if there are anymore headphones you think I should check out feel free to let me know! Thanks guys!
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el boricua

Dec 16, 2015
Haha no problem dude. Thanks for at least replying :)

so bad you had no help in deciding between those HP's. hope the monoprice 's have been good to you. i bought the tascam's three months ago but then bought the m30x's and the 558's so the th02 are seeing little use. but they are so good for the $16 I paid, warm sound, a little more bass than the m30x's. what do you think about the mono's?

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