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Need help choosing new supra-aurals..

  1. JaxCodi
    I'm a newbie and a noobie and I'll try to phrase this to the best of my ability since there is a ton I don't understand in terms of ...audiophilia.

    I need/want new headphones in the 30-50$ range and my picks are
    Sennheiser PX 90
    Audio-Technica ATH-FC700
    and I need help since I only have enough money for one and I need the advice/opinion/thoughts of the experts..

    I don't know anything about sound signature but I listen to a lot of songs/artists..
    From Aerosmith to Justin Beiber to U2 to Eminem to Paramore etc, etc.

    If this helps, I am accustomed to the sound delivered by Creative EP-630..
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. JaxCodi
    anyone at all?

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