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Need help choosing new headphones!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by andre550, Jan 5, 2014.
  1. FancyDan
    I've seen a lot of DT150s and ATH-M50s, but not really the T50rp much. That's sort of beside the point though, we'll just agree to disagree on the M50 :)
  2. ostewart
    Yeah, best that way :wink:

    Happy listening!
  3. andre550
    I understand, and what about de DENON AH-D600. Does it stands best without amp than the SOUNDMAGIC HP-100? Overall am i going to be more pleased with the mids, highs and deep bass of DENON or the SOUNDMAGIC can surpass it?
  4. ostewart
    There are a few posts referring to the D600 here:
  5. andre550
    After reading the posts in the link i read your review about the HP200. You say that SOUNDMAGIC improved with the HP200 over the HP100 and eventough these are open back the bass is linear and on par with the HP100. Can the open back HP200 be a solution for me too without compromising the bass deepness?

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