Need help choosing between CIEMs and Closed Headphones
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Sep 9, 2014
First off, I need help choosing between CIEMs and closed headphones. Which has better overall sound, imaging, and soundstage? 
Criteria for either:
-Deep, fast, impactful bass (I don't mean impactful as in LCD-2's, those have almost no impact), I like to really feel the bass if it's subbass
-Crystal clear mids (I like HD600/HD650 mids but they aren't as clear as they could be, LCD-2's mids are very clear), laid back (more so than HD650's or HD600's both are somewhat too intimate for me)
-Detailed, revealing, and fast treble (I really like the detail, soundstage, and imaging on the AKG K712 pros)
-I like large soundstages and I don't mean ones like the HD650/HD600 that are just a 3 blob soundstage (Left, right, and center)
-Earpads that have a good amount of room (HD600/HD650/LCD-2 all have a good amount of room in them, no less room than the HD650/HD600 please)
Things I don't want:
-Heavy headphones (LCD-2's are too heavy, HD650/HD600's are very light, if I had to guess I would say a headphone that weighs ~400 grams or less would be best)
-Bass that is overwhelming and bleeds into the other frequencies
I listen to mostly rap/hip-hop, rock/metal, jazz, pop, and most others besides country. Let's say my budget is ~$500 for right now, but I am not opposed to spending more. 

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