Need Help choosing B/W ATH M50s or V-moda M80/V80 (Rap, Hip Hop, dubstep, electronic music)
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Aug 15, 2012
dear headfier's,
I found my new hobby after listening to my friends 650's. i went on with a big mistake as a first step of mine which was Atrio M5 mg7(A decent pair dont get me wrong but i found the treble to be a bit sharp for me) i do love the bass on these tiny little things though. Now i am no audiophile i am just a residing doctor in a third world country who tends to love music and wants to get the best for my money :)
Now Its between ATH M50s or V-moda M80/V80 or should i wait for the 100's.
I do not have an amp or dac i can get one but will it be worth it? will be using them with my iphone and computer. portability doesn't matter that much(regretting my Atrio M5 Mg7's for that) as i just need best sound for the money. I listen to Rap, Hip Hop, dubstep, electronic, trance mostly and at times some classical music. budget 250$
Your wise opinion will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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I think you'd get more responses in the Headphones (fullsize) forum. Anyways, I just bought a pair of ATH-M50 and I'm thinking of selling them and picking up the M80's instead, purely for portability reasons. If you ever plan on wearing these outside the house, they might be a little too big. They sound awesome though =)

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