Need help buying new IEMs
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New Head-Fier
Oct 16, 2014
So I'm awfully new to the headphone/audiophile world. I only recently started to gain an interest in headphones and other audio equipment. So I decided that I would buy a new pair of IEMs to get started! I am looking for the best possible choice for an IEM under $100 (preferably under $80, but I can go above that if necessary). I have done some research and have found a few that I like. However, now I need to know which of these would be the best choice. So far I have considered these four (I am still open to other suggestions, though): MEElectronics M6 Pro, Ostry KC06A, VSonic VSD3S, and NVX EX10S. Those are the four that I am currently considering, but I am still open to other options. The reason I have not decided yet is because I have a few problems with each. I know that these four all offer decent build quality and many accessories, so sound is my main concern. My main problem with the M6 Pro and the EX10S is that I don't think they will provide the best possible sound out of all of the options available under $100. With the KC06A, the biggest turn-off is that the cables are not detachable, but I am willing to make an exception if they are really worth it. I also don't know how well they compete with the VSD3S. I have read many positive things about all of these in-ears, so now I just need to know which one is the best choice. If you could help me decide and also suggest any others that you think might be better, than please let me know! Thanks a lot!

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