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Need Help Buying First Customs: JH16 vs Heir Audio 8.A vs UM Miracle/Merlin vs Westone ES5

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  1. toxicdrift
    get the jh13s, build quality on um/jh are both top notch, although there is a screw up on both sides .. thats just a nature of how things go when ordering customs.. no company is perfect, coming from a tf10 even a t-peos h200 is an upgrade.. so i think u will be very happy with the jh13s .. 
  2. lin0003
    I second the new JH13. I would pick either that or the miracles.
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  3. D4rKx

    I also come from the TF10, and bought the Heir 8.A.
    I loved the TF10 exactly as he did and I have to say, the 8.A are very different. I really miss the fun sound from the TF10!
    Though the bass is awesome, and everything sounds excellent, it's just not as much fun as the TF10.
    The 8.A are surely amazing, but I think another CIEM like the UM Merlin would better for him.
    Another good choice would be to reshell a new pair of TF10.
    I don't know how the JHAudio's sound though, but somehow I have the feeling that the UM Merlin is just the best choice for lovers of the TF10..
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