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Need Help Buying First Customs: JH16 vs Heir Audio 8.A vs UM Miracle/Merlin vs Westone ES5

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  1. Azsamael

    I wish it was me :frowning2: oh well the price I pay for being slow

    Thanks for letting me know!
  2. lin0003
    Better luck next time hey?
  3. Azsamael

    You live and learn haha
  4. yufeng23
    I love this thread because I'm experiencing the exact same thing as you!
    Currently have a universal pair of TF10s and I absolutely love them.
    Looking into reshelling them into TF10 x 6 and also interested in the miracle, jh16 and heir audio 8.a.
    Wish you all the best!
  5. Azsamael

    I am torn between the JH16 and Merlin. From what a lot of people have been telling me the 8.A is a little too warm for my preferences. I have been sick for a while or else I would have ordered the Merlin already. That and I can't decide on a design.

    Good luck with it!
  6. toxicdrift
    ur not going wrong with either, they r both great iems .. the merlins are ie80s on steroids, so if u like that sort of soundsig u will love them / jh16 too really good. any reason for leaving out jh13's ?.. they came out top on the innerfidelity 23 ciem reviews :)
  7. Azsamael

    I read that and saw the new JH13 was one of the best. The only thing is, it might be a little too flat for me. I want that bass impact. My music listening is so evenly split between electronic (Trance etc) which is bass heavy and a lot of Alt Rock and indie that is a little vocal heavy. Trying to find a happy medium that would work for both.

    So to answer your question: it's the bass haha
  8. lin0003
    You should probably still get a Heir 8.A. I think that they will be your best bet. Just save up until you have $1300. 
  9. EveTan
    And there have been some 8As floating around used for $800.
  10. lin0003
    I think that they are all sold. toxicdrift sold his a while ago. 
  11. EveTan
    I saw one not by toxicdrift. But I guess it's gone too.
  12. lin0003
    Honestly though, bass heavy IEMs cause quite a bit of listening fatigue for me. The Sennheiser IE8 that I had a while back sounded terrible and after more than an hour I would start getting a headache. 
  13. Azsamael

    What would you consider TF10s? Bass heavy? I really like those.

    How is JH build quality vs UM?
  14. KimChee
    The IE8s had a lot of bass quantity, they had more midbass than my JH16...I hate midbass btw.  
  15. Azsamael
    How are the JH16s in terms of mid-bass? If I am understanding mid-bass right, I might not like a lot of it either, specially if it bleeds onto other frequencies.
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