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Need Help Buying First Customs: JH16 vs Heir Audio 8.A vs UM Miracle/Merlin vs Westone ES5

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  1. Azsamael
    FitEars are definitely out of my budget haha. If I ever have the pleasure of visiting Japan, I might get myself a pair. I wish more of the companies would provide silicone CIEMs, but I am guessing that is more expensive to do. I still can't decide between the Heir Audio 8.A, JH16s and Merlins :frowning2:
    From what I have read, the JH13 don't have as much bass as the JH16, since I really like my bass, it seemed appropriate to choose the JH16.
    Right now I am confused as to a DAC/AMP combo as well. A HP-P1 or a CLAS R paired with a E12 or something similar, can't have it being too expensive.
  2. goodvibes
    True enough but it has more low bass than the Miracle and as much as some others. It just doesn't have a bunch of extra midbass.
  3. lin0003
    It's really down to JH16 and the 8.A. I've heard that the 8.A is quite a bit better. Something about flowing better. Some say that the JH16 can sound a bit artificial. A Head fier is selling the 8.A with magnus 1 cable for $800.
  4. EveTan

    If i was a bass lover, i would pounce on that offer.
  5. Azsamael
    I could not find one with magnus 1 cable, but did contact someone who was willing to sell for $800. At that price the 8.A looks amazing buy. For some reason the Merlin with its dynamic low driver keeps lingering in my head. Oh well, one way or the other I will be making my decision tonight.
    I also just got the HP-P1, that should be good to drive the 8.A right? I think I am going with the 8.A, although the Merlin keeps nagging me in my head. I have to save up and get a Merlin later I guess.
    Thanks for all the help.
  6. EveTan

    Personally, I can't tell the difference between amped and unamped IEMs. They simply don't need that much power to drive them. Then again, i'm sure others have heard this difference. But yea, I don't believe in amping IEMs, including the 8A
  7. lin0003
  8. toxicdrift
    yep yep! they go with the magnus 1 cable (which is already at heir audio) ive mentioned in the post aswell, and ive already paid for freight (55$) so if u want let me know .. as i will haveto ask them to stop shipping it to me! .. and i will also save up on shipping to u. i too listen to electronic music on these, and they sound really good. :)
  9. Azsamael
    Can I let you know by tomorrow? I will make a decision by tonight and let you know. Just need to sleep on it.
    Its between the 8.A and the Merlins for now. Both are almost similar in price points.
    Thanks for all the help provided.
  10. toxicdrift
    all good bro, take ur time
  11. lin0003
    Really? The Merlins are a lot cheaper and the 8.A are a lot better. 
    Toxicdrift, hope you sell your 8.As quickly. It is an amazing deal really, especially when you think about the warranty transfer that Heir offers. 
  12. toxicdrift
    they are sold! :) 
  13. lin0003
  14. toxicdrift
    he didnt buy it bro, someone else did lol sorry for the misunderstanding. [​IMG]
  15. lin0003
    Oops. Better edit that post.
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