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Need help buying a Bluetooth headphone for listening to METAL!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by monochromatic-7, Aug 11, 2012.
  1. Monochromatic-7
    Hey guys,which  Bluetooth headphones are good for listening to metal ? I know there are lots of topics about this here,but my situation is totally different.I live in Iran and I don't have the access to many authorized resellers,so please only suggest some good  international brands.I can spend about $500 and I only want it to be Bluetooth compatible.I saw a Sennheiser MM 550 the other day and I thought it'll satisfy my needs.what's your take on it?is it good for this genre or am I just being fooled by the looks?
    btw I don't listen to mainstream bands who ridiculously polish their sound,I mostly listen to extreme metal bands,so you may know what kinda sound I'm searching for.
    Thank you all for helping.
  2. NZtechfreak
    To be honest I'd get the HS3000 by Samsung. Little bluetooth receiver, so you can use whichever headphones you want with it (maybe different ones depending on whether you're at home/on the go/exercising or whatever), or even plug it into a stereo if you wanted via 3.5-3.5mm cable. It has Apt-X which is a must for listening to music via bluetooth for me, the Senn MM550X has Apt-X too but not sure whether you're referring to that one or the older MM550 set which doesn't sport Apt-X. Of course Apt-X support doesn't mean anything unless your source player also has Apt-X (as of right now not that many devices do, it'll work with non-Apt-X sources too though, but nice to get the future proofing). Can be purchased very cheaply too, which means you might be able to splash out on a better set of headphones and a headphone amp from within your $500 budget.
  3. Monochromatic-7
    Thanks for your suggestion.I meant the exact MM 550 not the X one. apt-x is not a big deal to me because I just want a headphone to connect to my iOS operated devices and as you know,all of them doesn't support that technology.
  4. NZtechfreak
    They will soon though, the iPad3 was the first, but you can basically put money on the next iPhone following suite. Given how cheap the HS3000 is might as well get the future-proofing into the bargain! For a non-Apt-X bluetooth headphone I would not pay anywhere near that money for the MM550. HS3000+~$300-350 set of headphones+headphone amp (or combo DAC/headphone amp) I think is a far, far better proposition. If you want just a regular bluetooth set of circumaural headphones pick up something like a Moto s805 or Sony DR-BT50, which can be had far more cheaply than the MM550.
  5. Monochromatic-7
    Thanks man,now I consider buying a MM 550X,how is the sound quality?what do you think about wired earphones like IE8i? How's the sound quality?and which one is better?MM 550X or IE8i?sorry for asking too much.:)
  6. sovereignty68
    IMO, IE80s outperform MM 550x, MM-550x cost that much because of higher production cost, especially for a aptx headset with good sound quality, but that doesn't mean the SQ is on same league as other similar priced-range IEMs.
  7. whiteshadow001
    I've listened to the new Harman Kardon BT headphones at the Apple store near me and they are pretty freaking nice for Bluetooth headphones. I'm gonna pick up a pair, they're only $250. I listen to primarily metal also and they handled the genre very well
  8. Monochromatic-7
    Thanks everyone.the guy at the local store says that the IEs without an amp and a cable replacement,couldn't tap anywhere higher than %60 of their potential.

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