Need help again...
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Sep 30, 2013
It have been a while since I posted a thread asking for help. Recently, I bought the m50x. When it arrived, Im kind of surprised the size of it. After wearing it for a week, I got some buyer remorse, but I did my best to ignore it until now :/
Since my head is below average (21") the m50x take up almost 50% of my head. Because of its size, it wont clap onto my head very well, so it weights down and puts pressure on top of my head...This is so far, the best headphone I ever had so I cant comment on the sound quality besides its clearer than my UE600, 
So...any suggestions? Something that has great sound isolation with somewhat punchy bass, and balance sound? 
sorry if I use the terms wrongly :p
(should've not ignore the discomfort and return, I have no choice but to sell it... :'( )

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