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Need Headphones for Gaming and Music

  1. Jzark
    I need some headphones that are very good for competitive gaming, so I can hear footsteps. So I assume that I need a good sound stage for that as well. I have a budget of $70 USD. I'm looking for an over ear, Open or closed, it doesn't really matter. I will also be using these for listening to music too. I would like a neutral sound, with no extra bass or treble. Any recommendation is appreciated. Thank you! Clarity is very important to me as well!
  2. khayo
    I'm not sure about pricing but check out ATH-M40x!
  3. serman005
    Used HD558 would be terrific for you. There are some on ebay right now.
  4. Amberlamps
    If you could up your budget, Audeze are away to release game changing headphones for tv, gaming and music.

    Audeze Mobius, they will totally change gaming/tv/movie headphone landscape/scene

    Thats what I would buy, even if I had to save up some more, they are £350 uk, not sure what us price is ?

    Dolby atmos baby and positional timewarping back to the future and also have a removeable mic, the headphones are like 500.1 surround sound with planar magnetic speakers, that are made out of smurfs.

    These things are going to be gaming and movie kings if what people are saying is true.


    < would really save up ^ for those, even if it meant I wouldnt have headphones for the next 3 months.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2018

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