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Need etymotic hf3 replacement for my iPhone 5

  1. mangeman
    These headphones are great and they work great too. With my 3GS. With the new ultra mega slick noise canceling contraptions on the iPhone 5 however I get terrible hiss at the receiving end of phone calls. Etymotic say they can't really do anything about it. The funny thing is that I get better call quality with no hiss by using VoIP-apps as they don't engage the super mega slick noise canceling microphones. Innovation is a b*tch... Anyway fed up with making calls without a headset I am wondering, are there in-ear models that work well? The apple ear pods work fine but the fit is crap and they audio quality lacking. I have checked most brands and they all seem to say "inline mic and remote only supported on 3GS/4/4S". I don't want to make a buy and find they are identical to the HR3. Many thanks.

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